December - USED


“Who the fuck is Candice!”

I crawled over to the mini-bar and swallowed a mini-bottle of vodka.  I relished the sting as it went down and quickly reached for another.  As the mini-bottles of poison swam through my veins I pulled myself together and called Kelly.  She would be over in 20 minutes.  I took another bottle, I think it was rum that time, sucked it back slowly, desperate to put out the fire that was burning my insides.  I stumbled into the shower to wash the past hour away.  To wash Russell off of me. 

Kelly arrived as I was getting out of the shower.  I answered the door naked, she wrapped her arms around me, then rolled in the room with two large suitcases.  I gazed at them as I collapsed onto the bed, whining, with another mini bottle in hand. 

As always, Kelly didn’t hold back, despite my fragile and naked state. “I’m actually happy this happened,” Kelly said with a smile as she opened one of the suitcases, which happened to be empty. 

She filled it with items from the room: pillows, alarm clock, lamp, towels, toilet paper, basically anything that would fit in the suitcases.  “Now you can finally move on from Russell.  For good. You’ve wasted over four years on the guy, two too many in my opinion.”  Kelly continued around the room, searching for items to fill her bags.

“Are we stealing, is that what you brought the suitcases for?” 

“It’s not stealing, they have Russell’s credit card number…they’ll charge him for everything,” she said casually, raising her eyebrows and flashing a devilish grin.