Public Nudity

When I was in London in October for the Cambridge Film Festival with my short film “DETAILS”, I was asked to do a comedy show in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip… “Comedians In Their Underwear Telling Jokes”. I hadn’t done comedy in six months, nor is it my thing to get on stage mostly naked, but for some reason (I’m blaming the jet lag) I agreed to do it.

So basically I agreed to #1 do something masses of people have nightmare about on a regular basis - standing in front of a room naked (fine mostly naked) AND #2 combine it with public speaking (or joke telling) which is one of the greatest fears people have when awake. It’s clear I love to torture my self.

So there I was in all my glory telling dirty jokes in my undies, and you know what, I had a blast. Not only was it a hell of a fun time, there was this incredible freedom in getting on stage and just not giving a fuck. And you know what, everyone, all the other performers look incredibly HOT up there. Not cause we were all supermodels, but because there is nothing sexier than confidence.

There are so many types of sexy in the weird and wonderful world we live in, but the one thing they all have in common is Confidence!