Leave My Bush Alone!

I’m serious, please just leave her the way she is.  Clean up the sides so nothing’s creeping out of my panties but that’s it, thanks!

I’ve been having this conversation with my esthetician for about two years now, for real.  For some reason once you go Brazilian, they never let you go back.  I’m not sure what it is but they’re just not happy about a poorly landscaped garden.

I’ve been traveling, it’s been winter, and did I mention I’ve been traveling?  So my bikini area was a little unruly to say the least, it was jungle, plain and simple.  I was desperate for a wax when I returned from my trip but work had piled up and there just wasn’t any time…and I don’t know about you but I’m definitely not a “do-it-yourself-er” in the bikini waxing department.

It’s the week before Christmas and I’m finally able to squeeze in an appointment, 6 weeks behind schedule, so I took it even though it wasn’t with my regular lady.  I was a little hopeful actually, I thought to myself, maybe this time I can finally get them to leave the bush. 

When she came in the room I was very specific that I didn’t want a Brazilian, she reassured me she would only do what I wanted.  Once I was on the table the situation took a turn.  She wasn’t happy with the way it looked.  There was too much hair she said then mumbled to herself in Russian shaking her head.  She pleaded with me to let her take off a little more and before you know it I was spread eagle sans panties with hot wax on the edge of pussy lip.  Fantastic!  Fantastic! She kept throwing her hands up in the air joyously approving of her good work.  I on the other end lay there, bush-less.

I don’t have anything against the Brazilian per se…it has it’s perks and once in a while I’m into it, my problem is,t just not ALL the time.  Why do I have to do it all the time, this is the new norm, go bare or go home. 

I cant stand shaving, the itch is unbearable I can’t keep my hands out of my crotch from scratching.  It’s a problem.   So for years I’ve just always waxed.  But for the love of god please leave my bush alone!