Four Feet and A Sheet

Four Feet and A Sheet

I’m not inciting hate, discriminating, exploiting, bullying, or disrespecting anyone.  This is a feminist piece using the word SLUT to make a point.  What I’m doing is addressing an issue that has become all too taboo; why is sex wrong?  Why is talking about sex wrong?  Why can’t we face our need for contact and connection head on? 

Fling or Flame?

I was out for drinks with one of my girls telling her about an old flame, no fling, well, a guy I used to date, fine, sleep with, who recently texted out of the blue and asked to go for coffee.

As I was describing who this guy was I was trying to figure out what category he belonged in.  Fling or flame?  He definitely wasn’t a boyfriend. Then I thought to myself; what’s the difference?  Is there a difference between a fling and a flame?

Does Your Vagina Ever Grab Hold of You Life and Really Fuck Around?

…You know, like every so often you’re just overcome with the insatiable need to, well, come.

Sometimes it can last up to a week or so.  What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that I’m just getting over one of those weeks.  It really knocked me out.  I don’t know about Hot Stuff, but I definitely don’t need the gym for a few days.  Really.  Everything hurts.  He was an animal in my favorite kind of way.