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Four Feet and A Sheet

Four Feet and A Sheet

I’m not inciting hate, discriminating, exploiting, bullying, or disrespecting anyone.  This is a feminist piece using the word SLUT to make a point.  What I’m doing is addressing an issue that has become all too taboo; why is sex wrong?  Why is talking about sex wrong?  Why can’t we face our need for contact and connection head on? 

Fling or Flame?

I was out for drinks with one of my girls telling her about an old flame, no fling, well, a guy I used to date, fine, sleep with, who recently texted out of the blue and asked to go for coffee.

As I was describing who this guy was I was trying to figure out what category he belonged in.  Fling or flame?  He definitely wasn’t a boyfriend. Then I thought to myself; what’s the difference?  Is there a difference between a fling and a flame?