"would make even the most seasoned party girl blush"

“In Jennifer Lieberman’s hilarious, yet relevant, novel YEAR OF THE SLUT, idealistic, 20-year-old Dana awkwardly stumbles through her post break-up blues with a series of dating choices that in some cases would make even the most seasoned party girl blush. If you didn’t spend your first year after your first major heartbreak making some of the same mistakes, you’ll secretly wish you did. Honestly written with irony and humor, Dana’s version of looking for Mr. Right after shedding Mr. Wrong is a relatable rite of passage for any woman of any age. We’ve all been there, and in Dana’s case you’ll find yourself laughing through poignant tears at her life lessons learned the hard way. Regardless of your own path, you’ll empathize with the rollercoaster of emotions this young woman bravely endures, and root for her every step of the way.”

--Stacy Dymalski, comedian and bestselling author of Confessions of a Band Geek Mom