"it's about a lot more than just sex"

“Let me just say that Year of The Slut is not the type of book I would typically go for. I am already am admirer of the author from some of her other artistic endeavors, so I was curious to experience her writing. Even though it's not about science, there are no monsters, and nobody uses a lightsaber, I have really enjoyed this book! Just how much I've enjoyed it is quite a pleasant surprise! A girlie sex novel? I didn't think this book was even meant for blokes. Well, it's not. It's for everyone. (And, it's about a lot more than just sex.) Or, at least everyone should read it. Women will be inspired by Dana's journey from being a prudish, naive young lady to mature woman who fully embraces her sexuality and the freedom and power it gives her. Not power, as in power over other people, but the power to truly be herself fully. Men would do well to read Year of The Slut so we can gain a better understanding of how women view sexuality. Plus we gain more of an appreciation for what ladies go through when dealing with the likes of us. I know I will be a much better lover, should I ever get the opportunity again, because of reading this book.”

--Jackson Baker, Amazon Customer